is a result oriented consulting boutique, with offices is in various countries, to make the most efficient and effective actions happening.

We have 20 years of professional experience to support middle to large corporations with doing business in especially China, Europe, Australia and more. We assist our clients with purchasing strategies, financial strategies, TT payment terms set up, manufacturing inspection, quality control, logistics, project management and regarding marketing & sales. We pride ourselves on handling numerous business cases for patented products as well as products with high technical difficulties in manufacturing. We are versed in language, culture, mind-set and business approach, through even deeply localized channels and resources; thus we know how to perfectly integrate all elements so the best results can be brought out.

The majority of our clients have extensive relations in China and we serve to enhance their strength of purchasing rather than replacing an existing structure. We maintain exclusivity towards our clients, on a per product range or project basis. We work with loyalty and royalty.





Never has world-class operational performance combined with local essence been more important. Organizations need to keep a relentless focus on superior customer service, efficient processing and supply, and high product quality at a lower cost than their competitors. The core competence of the strongest companies of recent times has not been strategy or finance – it has been operational delivery.

And that is exactly what we do. Tell us what you need and we sort it out without a single worry from you.


We have an elite team, where each member heads up an office that focuses on a different expertise.

We are working on, or closely with manufacturing, quality control, import/export, retail, wholesale, media, banking, government, etc; more important, we are working together within the networks throughout Europe, America, Australia and China! Our experience and synergy matter more for an effective result delivery. We make sure our assets are your great benefit!



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