China overtakes EU as top export market for Singapore

“We are now in an era in which people are writing forward projections about China based on the reality that the supercharged economic growth of the last decade is behind us.

“China will continue to grow but at a moderate pace and I think people have adjusted their geopolitical lenses to take account of that fact.”


Why big American businesses fail in China

HONG KONG — If Tolstoy had written a history of foreign corporations in China, it might have started something like this: “Companies that succeed in China do so for similar reasons; every company that fails, fails in its own way.”

Since China opened up to foreign investment in the late 1970s, some of America’s most powerful corporations have gone confidently into the People’s Republic, only to stagger out a few years later, battered, confused, and defeated.


Search in China – How Baidu Is Different From Google

Chinese search giant Baidu has a lot to celebrate. Having recently thawed its relationship with Alibaba, which has led to the reappearance on searches of Taobao and Tmall following a five-year hiatus, the e-commerce leader is looking to buy as much as $32.6 million worth of keyword advertisements from Baidu in 2013.


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