NEW!! Fire resistant tent fabric.

B2B and GES Beijing have successfully developed a NEW outdoor tent material with an M2 standard of fire resistance. The new fabric is available in weights of 300 gr/m2 and 420 gr/m2 both with a BS 6 level colour grade for most available colours and a 0-1 anti mildew rating. Not only have technical improvements been made compared to ready available fabrics on the world market but the price is on the most competitive level.

How China Is Expanding Its Influence In Global Solar Market

China, the world’s largest carbon polluter, also is becoming an even bigger player in the solar energy business as it expands its control of the solar equipment manufacturing worldwide.

A unit of China National Chemical Corp. announced in November 2014 a plan to buy Norway-based REC Solar for $640 million. The deal will complement its business, Elkem, which is also based in Norway and produces silicon for making solar cells and computer chips.


8 Innovative Industries China Does Better Than Anywhere Else

What do you think are China’s biggest and best innovations?

China has long been known as the factory to the world, and with good reason. In 2011, for example, it manufactured 90% of all the personal computers produced globally that year, as well as 80% of the air conditioners, 74% of the solar cells, and 70% of the mobile phones.


6 high-growth industries in China

China remains one of the most dynamic markets in the world, and foreign companies have a big role to play in the economy’s evolution. Here are a few industries that are poised for rapid growth.


China’s Top Industries

China is now producing goods and services on par with most everywhere else in the world. And with that transformation has come a new opportunity for investors from the Middle East and North Africa.


7 Weird and Wonderful Uses For LED Lighting Technology

It’s amazing to think that just a few years ago, many people thought of LEDs as nothing more than the tiny red lights in our laser pointers but my, how the times have changed! With more and more people realizing the energy-efficiency benefits of LED lighting, it seems that everything from headlights to TVs to even clothing and wallpaper are now being lit up by the versatile lighting technology.


Unique Shaped Hand Crafted Biei LED Light Bulbs

A new Japanese LED lighting retailer Only 1­ is differentiating itself from comptetition by offering uniquely hand made LED light bulbs, according to a report by Spoon and Tamago. One of the product range that stands out is Biei (meaning beautiful shadow) that is crafted by artisans.


LED Lighting Takes Off in China’s Second-tier Cities

Supported by favorable government policies China’s LED industry initiated a new round of financing during the first half of 2014, according to a Chinese-language report by Consumption Daily. Innovative technology and new products released by the LED lighting industry led to rising developments. Spurred on by strong demands throughout the supply chain, listed LED manufacturers reported high revenues. Investments, mergers and restructures have become the norm as the increasingly diversified LED market continues to grow.


Developments in Three Major LED Application Markets

LED industry development has picked up pace in recent years as cities promote highly energy efficient lighting, according to a Securities Times report. Among global LED lighting applications, lighting and automotive lighting industries have been the fastest growing markets, and have become the main growth drivers in the LED industry.

Additionally, LED display market still holds great potential, and has been growing steadily, according to LEDinside statistics.


Will China dominate the world? -China Daily

The latest book on China’s position in the world this century offers a nuanced picture of the country’s strengths and weaknesses, Andrew Moody reports.

Will China emerge as the dominant force of the 21st century? The debate on the former Middle Kingdom’s global role has been opened up again by leading China commentator Jonathan Fenby.


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