Purchasing Strategies

Setting up the right purchasing strategy can be daunting in a country where both cultural and actual language differ significantly from ones origin as well as assess to on line information. What might seem the most common practice in the county where the buyer is based does not mean the same practices are followed in China. Understanding the cost of base raw materials up to the delivery of final packaged product as well as how to proceed with actual contracts and the payment of orders requires more insight then clicking through a few contact addresses on Alibaba.

B2B Consult has guided it’s clients base over a period of almost two decades with creating and setting up reliable purchasing strategies. Crucial to the formula of success it the on the floor guidance where we do not only provide office style information but take our customers in the field to get an hands on feel for the best way of executing the strategy and the hurdles that can occur during the process. For a wide range of products often multiple different production facilities as needed and we see it as crucial for our clients to understand and see the processes in order to avoid quality, delivery and the worst reclamation issues.

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