Project Integration

Most of our clients focus on innovation and product development which comes with sometimes lengthy proceedings regarding tests and trail products as well as combining different techniques from various production facilities in one product or project.

Due to the time consuming efforts it is often not feasible for our clients to have own staff continuously available in China or ready to fly out on desired dates for inspection and testing. By having staff with various skill sets in both technical and logistical fields at our Chinese office we can assist our customers with on line project management with live reports to assure correct preparations or progress before our clients do their approval or final sample or project checking.


The 3 main sectors are:

  • China Desk Interim Management
  • International Project Management
  • International Business structuring



China Desk Interim Management

If you are not ready to hire fixed Chinese employees yet, or you value real Chinese expertise combined with international experience, here you find us! We provide professional Interim China Desk Management Service to manage your overall business activities with China. We utilize our language, culture, mindset strategy and other expertise to work with your team fulfilling your requirements in daily base with China or other Chinese partners. We are commercial, presenting, fast learning and integrating the knowledge and so on with various qualifications to add big extra value in your team. We create even higher efficiency and result to assist you do business with China! We work on project base or hour base so that make sure you don’t waste your budget but you do know we are keeping close pace with you in the business.


International project management

International project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, contracting and controlling to achieve the agreed goals. Project management in China requires complicated cross-culture interpretations and advanced management skills to be successful. We provide high portfolio expertise and network in and out China to lead your project a success. Our experts are either located all over the world with many years experience working on Chinese projects or still based in China.

Our professional team provides high portfolios especially on industrial/engineering industry, intellectual industry, IT industry and luxury industry. We provide overall investment advice and executive planning.


B2B Consult provides Engineering solutions with experiences and cases covering:

  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture
  • Structural engineering
  • Construction economics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Legal
  • Quantity Surveying

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