Financial Strategies

Successful buying from China is often related to a good financial strategy. Drawn up contracts often fail to protect the customer due to lack of knowledge about legal proceedings within China in case of disputes about product quality and delivery.

Most buyers are used to payment conditions of LC’s, TT or DP payment terms whereas most manufacturers demand a down payment of between 30 % to 50 % with final payments to be done before shipment or by document presentation to the buyers bank.

B2B Consult has successfully negotiated a variety of payment conditions that support and protect customers against unpleasant surprises during the buying process. B2B Consult currently has no clients that have to pay down payments for proven financial credibility of the client/buyer. This results in a better focus of the supplier in for filling the conditions as agreed upon in the contact phase.

For some of our clients B2B consult has negotiated TT payment conditions for up to 60 day upon B/L without down payment for amounts larger then a million dollars.

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